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Why It Matters:
University of Cincinnati's Economics Center
The University of Cincinnati's Economics Center was founded in 1977 to provide economic information and resources for educators, students, businesses, and the community.

The Economic Center presents Why It Matters, a monthly economic and financial series with resources and lesson plans especially for students and educators.

The topic for this month is Ready For College? Think again?

Also available are classroom resources for teaching economics and personal finance.

As producers, consumers, savers, investors, workers and citizens in an interdependent world, people make economic decisions every day. Marketplace on 91.7 WVXU is a program that helps you become more informed economic citizens by examining the world through the lenses of business, economics and finance. Check out the following online resources from Marketplace.

Budget Hero:
Think you could balance the Federal Budget?
Play Budget Hero

Consumer Consequences:
Find out what the world would look like if everyone lived like you.
Play Consumer Consequences

Planet Money from NPR:
Money makes the world go around, faster and faster all the time. At Planet Money, a multimedia team of reporters tracks down the economists, investors and regular folks who are trying to make sense of the rapidly changing global economy.
Visit Planet Money

Making Sen$e:
Watch an exclusive forum with Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, make monetary policy decisions and see what a dollar is worth in this
interactive guide to the Federal Reserve from the PBS program, NewsHour with Jim Lehrer. Teachers, lesson plans are also available.
Visit Making Sen$e

Other Resources:

Economics Center Classroom Resources
Teen Consumer Scrapbook
How to Start a Business
For Teachers: Money Math: Lessons for Life
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